2013 Free Dating Sites Ranked and Reviewed

This site gives the latest rankings for the top popular free dating sites on the internet. If you are going to find someone who fits perfectly into your life, it is best to search the most popular sites first. We have found the best ones and made a chart for you to compare to see which free dating sites suit your needs. Sign up on them and see for yourself. Maybe you can even find love today on free dating sites!


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Why Free Dating Sites are a Great Alternative to the Old Fashioned Way

Dating is one of those games that you may either love or hate to play. It's a game that requires you to more or less test out people in the world against a standard that you have to determine if a person can be someone that you could possibly share some time of your life with. Dating is a huge part of modern day society and every day all around the world thousands of people are going on their first dates to see if they can strike up a connection with someone new who is hopefully interesting and compatible with their personality. Dating has become more acceptable since the late 60s and early 70s during the drug and psychedelic revolution when younger people were experimenting more with new people and opening their doors to new possibilities outside the traditional nuclear marriage and family composition. Dating became sort of a cornerstone to everyday modern living and became a huge part of social interaction among people of all ages, genders and sexual orientations.

History of Dating

Before the more newer forms of modern dating really caught on in the late 60s and early 70s, dating was still a part of society but had a more traditional and perhaps even taboo connotation to it, which made it seem almost more "hush hush". With traditional family composition and the roles of women and men being more defined and specific, dating was something that was done primarily to find a person with whom you could marry, have children and spend your life with. It had much more of a purpose and end result type mentality than the social, modern version of dating known today which has a connotation that is one more of pleasure, whimsicalness and trial and error.

How Dating Changed and Dating Advice

As modern dating evolved into other mediums, along with it came new ways to date, network, meet people and find the person that one could spend time with in a serious way. With the technological advances that took place in the 80s with computers, information and data exchange along with the advent of the Internet in the mid 90s, the face of free dating sites for men was changed forever. The old traditional ways of meeting people by chance in bars, clubs or through a friend of a friend were adapted to a new wave of information technology where the exchange of information was performed in a more efficient and effective way and with various new platforms. This of course being the Internet, provided new platforms upon which to meet people for those looking to play the dating game. As the Internet grew and evolved into what it is today, a wave of online free dating sites were brought to the general public as a viable means to meet people in a way that is both intelligent and anonymous.

free dating sites were brought to the forefront in the early 2000s to provide a way for people to meet each other online through an anonymous platform and also use the benefits and tools of the website to narrow down the types of people they want to meet. Free dating sites caught on like wildfire and were becoming more and more present online as people learned about how they could meet people online in a convenient way at any time they wanted instead of going out all the time trying to meet people randomly with little or no success. free dating sites for men became extremely popular among people who had busy lives and no time to go out and meet people on a day-to-day basis. It became a convenience and an efficient way to get to the cream of the crop without having to go through all of the bad seeds to get to it. Most free dating sites offer a directory of its members through which one can search with a variety of filters such as age, gender, interests, location, body type, hair type and many more. These filters allow one to find the person that matches their personality and lifestyle best to make that first date one that has a better chance of leading to something more serious down the line.

Why are free dating sites a Great Alternative?

free dating sites for men are beneficial for a number of reasons for a number of people, including the ability to filter undesirable people out. This is one of the main advantages of finding that special someone through free dating sites for men. The whole premise behind free dating sites is that you can find the right person for you fast and with your predefined parameters. Imagine having a whole selection of people in your area through which you can browse at your own leisure whenever you have time in between work or your other responsibilities. free dating sites are really a great convenient alternative to traditional dating as you can decide to log on and search for whomever you want whenever you feel like you have a little extra time in your life to meet someone and go out.

The filtering system on free dating sites allow you to filter out people who may waste your time, stalk you, not be compatible with your interests or for a variety of other reasons that may not line up with what you're looking for in a date. This is one of the most effective ways to meet the right kind of person with little to no effort and without spending all the time and energy it takes to meet people then having to weed through them all to find someone who matches your personality. This means you have the ability with modern day free dating sites to find laser targeted people that match your needs and wants with only the click of a few buttons. It's one of the most efficient ways to weed through the mess of the dating world.

Types of free dating sites

If you are new to free dating sites then you may soon find out that there is a wealth of types of free dating sites online from which you can choose. There are free dating sites for a variety of people, lifestyles, religions, orientations and others. It's obviously important that you choose one of the free dating sites that's right for you so you don't get caught up in a site that doesn't match your personal preferences. Some of the types of free dating sites include...

Christian free dating sites

There are a number of Christian free dating sites available online if you are a person of the Christian faith and looking to meet another person who has a similar outlook on life and in their religious perspectives. Many Christian free dating sites screen applicants on a very rigid set of criteria to ensure that they are receiving only serious applicants who are looking to meet other Christians and are serious about their faith and finding the right person. Some screening processes that Christian free dating sites use may include questionnaires about the person's background, their religious stances, views in general and other characteristics that may be important such as their amount of devotion to their faith and how serious they need their partner to be about their faith. There may be other types of screening tactics used in these types of Christian free dating sites such as quizzes, tests, personality assessments and even deeper details such as their marriage history and whether they have children or not or if they want any in the future.

Casual free dating sites

Casual free dating sites encompass a wide variety of people who are there for a number of reasons. The majority of free dating sites online are casual, regular type free dating sites, which have no specific theme or orientation to them. On these types of free dating sites you'll often find a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds who are there to mingle, chat, network and of course meet up. These free dating sites tend to have the largest user base since there is no specific theme involved with the site. Despite there being more members from which to choose, like anything else this also means that there are more people through which to weed out to get to the good stuff. With these types of free dating sites you'll want to make sure that you setup your preferences and your site profile accurately and make it as thorough as possible to deflect the types of people that are undesirable to you and that may possibly cause you annoyance or simply just waste your time.

Finding the Right Dating Site

Of course finding the right site out of the many free dating sites out there is the first step in the process. You'll want to find a site that looks attractive enough and has a reputable history with their user base. Many of these free dating sites often offer free trials where you can sign up for free and create a free account so that you can get an idea for what the process entails and what sort of people use that site. This is a good idea to see the kind of people that may be communicating with you. You may even consider messaging a couple of the users and asking their opinion on the site and how it's been working for them or reading up on reviews of free dating sites around the web to see which of the free dating sites has the most reputation and the best feedback from users. Once you decide which of the free dating sites works best for you and your needs go ahead and give it a shot by creating an account.

How to Sign Up For Popular Free Dating Sites

Signing up to one of the many free dating sites online is a rather simple process. Depending on the site you may have to pay a monthly fee or not. Many of the free dating sites online are paid sites, but there are a variety of free dating sites online as well which you can access free of charge. After you setup your account you'll want to create your user profile. First pick a username that suits you that you like. It's not recommended to use your real name with this, as that could cause issues if you ever run into someone on the dating site who knows you in real life or someone who is simply stalking you and causing you problems. After you have chosen your username, next you'll want to setup your profile that will be visible to all the members of the dating site.

Filling out your Profile on the Top Dating Sites

Filling out your profile is probably the most fun part, as it's the section where you get to describe yourself and talk about who you are as a person and what you like to do in life. Think of it as a sort of a mini biography of yourself. This is the time when you get to talk about what kind of people you're looking for on the dating site, what your personal interests are and more. Most free dating sites have a similar layout to the types of questions they have you fill out to setup your user profile. Some of these may include...

- Who you're looking for, whether male, female or both
- What kind of personality you're looking for in that person
- Body type of yourself and the preferred body type of the person that you're seeking
- Favorite movies, music, books, TV shows and the like

Connecting with Users on a Free Dating Site

Once you have your user profile all setup and filled out, you're all set to start contacting people through the free dating sites interface. Many free dating sites offer a private messaging function or even live chat which allows you to talk to people on the fly if you see someone who's profile you found interesting. You may send messages, receive messages and do more online through free dating sites that will allow you to prescreen the types of people that contact you and see who is worthy of meeting in person. Once you find the right person through the dating site that you find interesting and promising enough, you may consider taking the conversation off of the dating site and into the real world on a date. This is your first opportunity to make a good impression in real life outside of the dating site.

Going on that First Date

From here of course the sky is the limit! If your first date turns out to be a dud, getting back on your user profile and finding someone else to meet is only a few clicks away. The power and the control you have with free dating sites and their laser targeted people filter, is truly one of the most efficient ways to meet quality people on your first dates instead of just hoping that you run into someone on the street or in any random corner of life. If you're finding yourself to not have enough time in your life to play the traditional dating game, free dating sites may be a viable option for you.